Grenzebach Corporation


Herring road 10

30265 Newnan


Grenzebach - Intern in Mechanical Engineering
Intern in Quality, Safety & Environmental (f/m)
Intern in Mechanical Engineering (f/m)
Intern in Planning (f/m)


Grenzebach is a leading global mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing company in the field of processing line construction and automation of production processes. A family-owned company with 1,600 employees worldwide, 500 engineers in 10 countries at 21 locations. We have customers in the glass, solar, building materials as well as wood and airport industries. For the chemical industries we develop procedural machines. Achieving highest quality in our products as well as having innovative technologies, we belong to the top companies of the world. We stand for continuous expansion and development of our product spectrum and constant optimization of production processes to provide our customers just what they need.